Oh hey, I'm back. I think. Maybe


This rocking out business sure is exhausting


I’ve been very busy this weekend rocking out at OST Fest and struggling with terrible back pains because apparently sitting on your ass in front of a computer all day makes it very hard to walk long distances and stand for extended periods of time. Also, wearing a dress, no matter how cute and comfortable, is not the best idea in the context of said back pains because you can’t sit on the ground without exposing your crotch to thousands of people.

I’m not a hardcore metalhead, I actually just went to this festival to practice my festival survivor skills for the other two festivals I’m going to this summer. And the tickets were pretty cheap. I’d never pay to see a headlining show of any of these bands, except maybe for Dimmu Borgir, but I can deal with all of them crammed into a three-day festival.

Day 1. Got to the venue on Friday just as Exodus was playing. They were pretty good. However, the lead singer really pissed me off when he said he’d like to thank Motley Crue, who were headlining that night, for “bringing all this fine pussy out here”. Douchebag. Next up were Overkill. Oh man, I swear that lead singer guy sounded just like my cat would if I gave her a microphone and pulled hard on her tail. “You guys make me feel like I’m 49 all over again!” Whatever you say, grandpa.

The highlight of the night for me was Dimmu Borgir, who kicked ass. Hooray for Norwegian black metal. But having them play ahead of washed-up “all our songs are about getting laid” Motley Crue seemed like a very cruel joke. There were loads of Dimmu fans in the crowd, I’m surprised I didn’t see more kids with painted faces.

And speaking of kids, maaaaan, there were so many kids! I don’t just mean teenagers, I saw a whole bunch of 4 to 10 year-olds. The next generation of metalheads is looking pretty good.

And theeeeen, Motley Crue stumbled on stage. That’s gotta be one of the worst gigs I’ve ever seen. First off, the sound was turned up so loud that you couldn’t tell one instrument from another, but then again maybe that’s on purpose so you don’t get to actually hear the music. Oh, and the singer kept telling the crowd to scream louder. Dude, the crowd can scream its lungs out, you’re not gonna hear shit over those amps. Of course, they had scantily clad girls on stage. I appreciated the fact that they had curves and weren’t anorexic models. But man, it’s ridiculous how these guys are, what, in their fifties and still look to surround themselves with 20 year-olds. You know what I’d like to see? Women their age going to their shows and throwing giant-ass panties on stage.

Day 2. I learned my lesson after Day 1 and wore pants this time instead of a dress, so I was able to sit my butt down because my back was hurting terribly. Serves me right for laughing at the people in the VIP tent sitting nicely on their chairs as if they were at the movies. Not much to report here. Caught Europe, they were OK, and then Manowar, whom I dislike and yet I was seeing them for the second time.

Day 3. Oh dear lord it was so freaking HOT! I had to stick my head in the water flowing from a hydrant a few times and patted myself on the back for being so inspired as to NOT wear a white T-shirt that day. We wanted to see Lake of Tears but had to settle with just hearing their set from a patch of shade we were lucky enough to find. Next up were W.A.S.P., with whom I was not impressed, and then Megadeth, whom I was seeing for the second time, they were pretty good. Motorhead, the headliners, rocked! Pretty short (just 75 minutes) but intense set.

All in all, although not my favorite kind of music, this festival was pretty good and pretty exhausting. Got two more three-day festivals coming up really soon. But until then, I’m flying out this Saturday to see PEARL JAM!!!!!!! Talk to y’all soon, I gotta start packing.

Election Day


Romania held local elections yesterday, so I figured what better time to watch Into the Wild again?

In case you’re curious, no, I didn’t vote.

Great show, Linkin Park, too bad I couldn’t hear it


The guys put on a really great show, had a very good setlist, great energy but in all seriousness, I barely heard any of it.

Let me quote from the organizers’ press release before the show: “Very particular about sound, Linkin Park requested a state-of-the-art sound system that isn’t available in Romania and was brought especially for the show from the Czech Republic.” Oh re-he-he-he-ally? So did you forget to assemble half of it or what?

For fuck’s sake, it’s a rock concert, you’re not supposed to be able to have a conversation with the person next to you at normal volume! And I wasn’t even too far back because we hijacked a TV crew and took their space near the fence.

And the screaming idiot behind me didn’t help either. Her friend kept telling her to shut the fuck up or at least tone it down because she couldn’t hear the band over her incessant bellowing and the bitch had the nerve to say, a few times even, that she had paid good money to come to the concert to sing. Wait, what?

Honey, that is most definitely NOT singing. It’s more like what I imagine you’d sound like if you were being raped by a pack of feral hyenas. WE paid to hear the band, not you, you can scream your lungs out at home for free. Now cut it out unless you want to see me pull your vocal chords out through your nose.
Now, you all know I’m not a violent person. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m so very sorry I didn’t beat the crap out of her, at least I would’ve gotten my money’s worth.

Why does my Linkin Park ticket have a no smoking sign on it?


And organizers say not to bring lighters to the show. Are they afraid people will take it literally when they play this?

Some find it annoying when I quote Linkin Park lyrics but in the end it doesn’t even matter


Linkin Park takes me straight back to my first year of college when Tuesday nights meant Fire Club with DJ Hefe (whom I always badgered to play Marilyn Manson and he always did, thanks man).

My friends and I used to hang around, drinking vodka we’d sneaked into the club (what? we were poor college kids and stayed in the club all night because we couldn’t afford the cab ride back to the dorm), and poke fun at all the girls doing what we called the “Linkin Park dance”, which consisted of crossing their arms over their chest and rocking back and forth as if they had cramps. Oh, fun times!

I’ve never been a hardcore Linkin Park fan but I gotta admit I really love what Chester can do with that voice of his (have you heard the LP cover of Adele?) and I really love playing their old albums when I’m pissed off and start cleaning the house because it’s the kind of music I can still hear loud and clear over the sound of the vacuum cleaner and I get to scream along at the top of my lungs. I have a feeling I’ll be pretty exhausted and hoarse after the gig Wednesday :D

And because I always like to do a bit of research before the show (yeah, go ahead and read this as “control freak”), here’s the setlist from last week’s Rock in Rio in Portugal. They’ll probably add a couple of more songs because it’s a headlining not a festival gig.

We can expect something along these lines because hey, not everyone can be Pearl Jam and play a different setlist every night (you didn’t really think I’d go through an entire blog post without mentioning Pearl Jam, did you?).